Mostly the Mother City

I’m trying to re-adjust my thinking, re-programme my vocabulary and re-align my chakras. Trying to live, speak and act like a Capetonian again. It’s not easy, but I’m trying. I’ve noticed a couple of things since moving back and realised I’d also forgotten some.

You know you’ve living in Cape Town when:

The waiters say to each other: “This is a RESTaurant, so we should rest, man!” (while you wait 15 minutes for a coffee). And your waiters name is Blessing or Progress..

Cars move faster in the slow lane than the fast lane.

You use a mountain to help you navigate whilst driving.

Taxi drivers use the pavement as a short cut through traffic.

Many people still wear brightly coloured clothes made from hemp and sandals made from car tyres.

Your car is constantly covered in a thin layer of salt from being parked near the sea.

A gap in one’s teeth or a missing a tooth, is described as “having a puncture in your face.”

Rush hour starts at 3:30. On Friday’s, at 2:30.

You see people do their grocery shopping in bare feet on the weekends.

You realise that most also hibernate in the winter.

Otters swim past your balcony most evenings.


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